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My Story A Moment Of Clarity (part 1)

To begin with my background is necessary to understand the events that take place.
I am a married man with a child who worked so hard to better his family most of the time for free and without sleep. I was also approached by a man named Fred who explained to me that he was working with the cyber task force looking for men who preyed on children using webcams, and that if I had any information for him I was to call and pass it on. My father is also an ex narcotic agent and has also worked anti-crime units in Brooklyn NY receiving many accommodation and recognition for apprehending violent criminals one his arrests happen to be a well publicized murder arrest of a man who shot a woman for 25 cents. Using my experience with computers, my psychology degree and knowledge of law enforcement I decided to help out.
My brother was murdered by a racist man when I was 8 years old and I was so lost with no one to look up to. This man is a member of a cult called the nation of gods & earths and he is up for parole every 2 years so I am in constant fear of him bring released which will lead to the issue I have in the present. Despite the fact that my brothers killer was a black man I was raised without a racist bone in my body, one of my best friends was black. My brother was shot, assassinated with a shotgun, yet I still believe that guns do not kill people, it is the person that kills people, because i know many people that carry guns without incident. Now I’m writing because it appears that no one will pay attention to a practice going on the includes Internet spoofing and bullying.
I was recently bullied almost completely off the Internet by a group of individuals belonging to this same cult, mocked, tormented being pushed to the brink of insanity. These people were brought to me by the same friend from childhood that I respected, a man ill call mike.
This story has extortion, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, rap music, bullying, homosexual remarks and the overall destruction of my life.
I was inspired by the heart wrenching video of Amanda Todd that literally broke my heart.